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We Are A B2B Digital Media Agency - Let Us Help You Grow Your Business
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About us

WaDeGo Media LLC, (pronounced way-de-go).
Your One Stop Store for everything you need for Your Businesses Online Presence.
We are an Internet Media, Online Media, Web Media or Digital Media 
(however you want to say it) Agency.
We are mainly geared for Brick & Mortar Businesses to get their establishment tuned up or setup for optimum performance. 
We work very well with Online Businesses too, but with a different angle.

First of all, let's talk about a Covid Response.
What can you do to help your business deal with this issue. 
Do you have staff and customers coming inside your building like a restaurant, gym, school, store or office?
Protect Your Staff And Customers With The Air They Breath And The Surfaces They Touch...  
Protect yourself also if you are in the building because as the business owner, you are the most important person. Dealing with employees calling in sick and having to shut down because of lack of personnel is expensive.
You don't know what germs people are dragging into your establishment.

We use our connections, special deals, and strategies with major media sites 
to help businesses... 
get seen and to get new clients/customers/patients/sales 
and traffic to their businesses.
Now upfront we do Not do Television/Radio commercials, 
Newspaper or mailer advertising.
Our team consists of writers, developers and advertising professionals that have helped hundreds of businesses get more clients, patients and customers in a variety of industries.
We help you to reach your best clients 
by crafting meaningful Hyper-Local Ads and Media Coverage.
If there’s a service or product you offer in a specific location, 
neighborhood or region, we help you get seen.
If your business is a good fit with ours,
we will be able to get Your Businesses Hyper Local Ads and Content 
on News sites like NBC, local ABC, Fox and CBS sites, Google, YouTube, 
podcast sites, and hundreds of other brand name sites.
Now If you don't have a website we can build you one, or if you have an old rundown one that needs a tune-up we can analyze and see what needs to be fixed, or if you have a decent website that is compliant with all the laws and regulations, we can promote and scale your business website. 
They all need to be Google-ized (I don't know if that is even a word).
If you didn't know it, Google is the Elephant in/on the Internet.
You want your business to be geared around Google, 
you want the biggest, most powerful player on the Internet on your side.
With 120+ applications and programs running in the background, 
in all different areas of the Internet.
You want your business website to be Google friendly or 
Google aligned to take advantage of these services.

This will improve your rankings in Google Searches by your future customers.

Great Website Design is one of the most important factors in today’s trending market and virtual economy. 
We service both small and medium size companies with custom Website Designs that are affordable for every budget! 

We will design a Website that you will be proud of and that will bring you the business you need in order to grow. 

Another awesome tool we have is....
Chatbots. They are a great tool that run on your website and allow visitors to ask questions and even hold basic conversations. 
All on autopilot and without any involvement from you or your team.
All Businesses could benefit from Chatbots to help:
- Increase website conversions 
- Boost engagement and response rates 
- Provide quick answers to questions 24/7/365
- Save money on hiring support agents 
- Streamline the buying experience 
- Qualify website visitors
- Make appointments or Reservations 
At WaDeGo Media LLC, we provide a simple but powerful Chatbot solution that you can use to get your own business chatbot on your website – no coding skills required.
Note: On this free Google My Business website, Google won't let you add html code, so Chatbot would need paid or better website. 

Another Awesome Service we provide is a solution to your businesses Phone Number.
I hate putting my personal phone number out on the Internet or in Emails.
So what we provide is a service called – Call Tracking – I personally use this service and love it.
It allows me to use my existing smartphone (either IOS or Android) 
without adding a second line with my service provider or 
hiring an answering service.
You get to pick a phone number from either a regular number with your area code 
or a toll free number from a list of available numbers.
Then your selected phone number is rerouted to your smartphone.
You give out the special phone number on your business website 
or in advertising or in emails.
With this system:
The caller can either Talk or Text.
  • It collects incoming callers data – their phone number, time and date of call, duration.
  • When you receive a call it shows up with your business headline so you know where they found your number, you could have several different special numbers with this system.
  • If you don't answer, they could leave you a voice mail or send you a text message. Either way, you will get a text message on your phone and an email on your desktop/laptop.
  • In your text or email you will get a link to the voice recording.
  • Instantly hear the recording, without dialing into and giving a password as with a regular voice mail systems.
  • You can setup sending a text message back to the caller for missed calls.
  • If you answer the call, first you will hear a low voice telling you that it is a business call from that designated business or Ad campaign or second business. Small fee for additional numbers.
  • And the caller will get a voice message stating that the call may be recorded for training purposes before you get connected. The recording calls option can be turned off.
  • All calls are recorded and copy's are sent to your email address and smartphone. 
  • Call Tracking comes with a download application that if you go through the application and use the keypad inside and return the call, the caller will see the same special phone number that they used originally.
  • If you just use your smartphone to return the call directly, they will see you personal phone number.
  • The application keeps track of all calls for different Campaigns and different Phone Numbers.
  • The application also keeps track of all Text messages.
  • Works in USA, CAN, United Kingdom, Australia, etc....
  • No long-term contracts, you can cancel your account at any time.
Keeping track of business calls is very important for sales, 
missed calls or no returned calls, is missed sales.
With the log of calls at you desktop from emails, you can list them in a Spread Sheet 
and make notes as to “What was the call about” or “Their name & address” or “Did they get a call back” or “email” etc.... 

So now that you have your website in order, or if you think you have a great existing website and you want to start driving traffic to Your Business.
Then you will really want to check out our unique and powerful advertising system.
For Brick and Mortar Business we conduct a Snap Shot Report first to get a base line of your business on the Internet in your city and surrounding cities or towns.
If you have an Online Business then we would skip the Snap Shot Report, because the Internet doesn't care where you are located or where your competition is.
This is why no matter where you are located (and speak English) WaDeGo Media LLC can help increase your Visibility and Branding for Your Business.
Click Here To Learn More About Promoting Your Business Website

So whichever direction you go, or whatever stage you are at,
Bookmark this website and come back as you advance and go to the next level.
Change is good too, and to keep up with the way consumers shop and locate businesses on the Internet Highway has changed too.
In the last year, 10 lanes were added in both directions on the Super Internet Highway because of the pandemic and the increased users (LOL).
I feel like this is how most consumers will conduct business in the future.
It's the new norm and you want your Real Estate on the Highway to have good curb appeal,
to attract Your Future Customers/Clients/Patients/Sales....
Thank You for checking us out and as a note, all of these services are 100% Tax deductible as Advertising Expenses.
Here's to Your Online Success,
Walt Harris

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